Mint 400 Records Presents: Nirvana "In Utero"

by Various Artists

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The entire Nirvana "In Utero" Album performed by the Mint 400 Records roster and friends.

“What can we learn from a tribute version In Utero? Without Kurt Cobain's voice and Steve Albini's controversial production, what remains are the songs, and some damn good ones at that, especially as interpreted here by the likes of The Duke Of Norfolk, Fairmont, A.Bird, The Maravines, and Theodore Grimm (who unearth the little-known "Sappy" as a bonus track.) Peeling away the familiar angst and distortion, these artists find the psychedelic melodicism and
garage-rock classicism buried in Cobain's compositions.”
Jim Testa | Jersey Beat

“This may come across as a weird compilation for a record label that doesn’t really have any punky bands. Just like when Mint 400 Records had artists cover the Pet Sounds album, this was meant as a journey for our artists, a fun journey that we are offering as a free download. If anything it shows the wide array of artists that have been inspired by Nirvana and how even something so raw and noisy has its moments where it almost sounded like The Beatles or New Wave Pop. Our artists thoroughly explored and reworked the album proving Nirvana ages well and really did write amazing songs that were not just power chord punk rock and noise. This album seemed to almost be the swan song of the 90’s grunge movement, ushering in a new era of music that broke rules and took into account all the music that had come before it. This is an important album.”
Neil Sabatino | Fairmont & Owner Mint 400 Records

“Nirvana really dialed in on their thing with In Utero. They were able to deliver faultless pop songs in a way that was unique, unpretentious, and sincere. That's what made Pet Sounds so great, and that's what every songwriter should aspire to achieve with their songs.”

“Nirvana was always a punk band at heart, and the release of In Utero was the most punk rock thing they ever did - follow up a generation-defining multi-platinum rock album with something so ugly, abrasive, and intense that their label demanded a remix, even though it was arguably the most anticipated album ever and would have been a surefire hit no matter how it sounded. That sort of artistic attitude and integrity inspires me throughout everything I write.”
Joseph DeGroot- Pixl Visionary

"Rock music at its foundation started as a working class movement through the blues; highlighting real emotions and vulnerabilities. At some point hair-metal bands turned rock music into an over the top misogynist joke. Clad in flannel, Kurt Cobain's music returned mainstream rock to its blue collar roots."
Evan Pope | The Maravines

“I've always appreciated the simplicity in Kurt Cobain's song writing. To me, one of the marks of a strong song and strong melodies are those that work even when stripped down to a solo acoustic interpretation. I didn't have to change much from the original when arranging this piano version of "Rape Me," and I think that's a testament to how well-written the song is.”
Chris Bobbins

“I wasn’t old enough to experience Nirvana while they were around, so my entire fandom of them, existed in the “Kurt as rock n roll martyr” phase. And, admittedly, I gravitated to In Utero because it wasn’t the pop hit, Nevermind; and that felt really cool to me. I was always blown away by the idea that the biggest band in the world would self-sabotage as openly and obviously as Nirvana seemed to be doing.”
Adam Bird | A Bird


released January 27, 2017



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