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A compilation of songs written and recorded in the year 1967.

You may be asking yourself why a compilation of music from the specific year of 1967? First let me say Mint 400 Records is an interesting mix of artists that have a wide host of influences but a majority have a little bit of that element that made bands from the late 60’s so influential. One of the labels most popular bands Sink Tapes could possibly be confused for The Velvet Underground if you played their tracks side by side and others like Murzik will make you think it’s the second coming of Leonard Cohen. Bands like Jersey City’s One and Nines are an exact replica of the kinds of bands that were coming out of 60’s era Motown while Zach Uncles & The Mosquitos could be confused with The Ventures any day of the week. The majority of bands on Mint 400 Records have a strong 60’s influence and 1967 seemed like the year that was most important.

1967 had the summer of love and bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles had all started to move far past writing bubble gum pop type singles. All of this possibly inspired by The Beach Boys landmark album Pet Sounds (which the Mint 400 Roster has already covered in its entirety) was a precursor to this great movement in music. Incredible albums from 1967 include The Velvet Underground’s Nico/Warhol album, Love’s Forever Changes, The Doors debut, Pink Floyd’s The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn and about a hundred other of the most important records of all time. Although we were only able to sample a small portion of this era we hope the listener sees how these songs translate today into arrangements that are just as exciting now as they were then.

"I liked the idea of covering a classic song originally recorded using a whole band with horn and string sections behind it. Especially during the bridge of "Can't take my eyes off you", the combo of brass and strings creates a nice progression and harmony reminiscent of swing era jazz that you just don't hear nowadays. It's also a really simple and happy sort of love song where the singer is just saying how much he/she loves someone in many different ways and it really reflects the whole peace and love ideology of the late 60s." - Matt Nguyen | Netorare Fan Club

“We really enjoy playing classic covers and picking apart the instrumentation, harmonies, melodies & arrangements and then later incorporating that into the original music we write. Projects like this inspire us to write our own classics. The music of especially 1967 has a complexity and simplicity all within the same song that is still sought after in modern music.” - Neil Sabatino | Fairmont

“When I heard the theme of the compilation album, my first thought was ‘I want do a song from the Jungle Book'… the Jungle Book sits in the heart of what I might call the Disney’s ‘Golden Years’, the near 50 years from 1950 to around 1998 where they were churning out classic after classic. It may at first seem incongruous to throw a Disney song in the mix with bunch of influential 60’s rock but, considering the influence of the music of Disney’s films, I think it’s actually quite fitting.” - Adam Howard | The Duke of Norfolk

"1967 was a wildly creative period for music in the midst of a psychedelia break out. I have always been drawn to the dark and deep yet simplistic poetry of The Doors. I collaborated with Neil Sabatino on the arrangement. My goal when recording “Love Me Two Times" was to explore the blues element in The Doors’ writing.” - Jack Skuller | Mint 400 Artist



released March 30, 2015


tags: rock Hawthorne


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